Private Lesson Rates


Annual registration fees make students eligible to attend our Music Theory Class, and participate in monthly recitals.

$40.00 First student,  $15.00 Additional family members


30 min $110.00 per month
45 min $154.00 per month
60 min $203.50 per month

Attendance: Weekly

Billing: Prorated cost of weekly lesson attendance from start date to the end of our school year. Payments due the 5th of the month in advance of lessons received.

Make-ups: Missed lessons are made up or refunded at the discretion of the instructor on a case by case basis.

Family Discount: 5% off tuition for each additional family member.


30 min $35.00 per lesson
45 min $47.00 per lesson
60 min $61.00 per lesson

Attendance: Flexible or less than twice a month

Billing: Charged per lesson with payment due the 5th of the following month.

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