Be Like Bird Group Saxophone Lessons

Be like Bird
Group saxophone class for beginning-intermediate jazz students

An Intuitive approach to Jazz Fundamentals for Saxophonists from beginners – intermediate levels.  Developed and run by Rachel Bade-McMurphy
-Intuitive Approach
-Call and Response
-Jazz Rhythms
-Foundational Scales
-Intro to Triads & Chords
-Beginning Jazz/Blues Language
-Historical Lessons involving Charlie “Bird” Parker”

6 week program offered Spring,  Summer and Fall

-Classes Meet one hour per week in Spring and Fall, 2x per week in Summer

-Recorded audio and video content to  practice with at home
-Wrap up the experience by performing a recital and attending a Live Jazz Concert by professionals!

$145 for Spring 
$240 for Summer

$145 for Fall


Baby Bird:  New Beginners with No prior experience
Level 1: for students in their 1st  or 2nd year of playing
Level 2: 2-3 years  or more years of saxophone experience
Level 3:  3 years or more years of saxophone experience
Adult: available based on interest


Once you press submit the form is sent to the HNMC office.

Thank you for your interest in Baby Bird Saxophone Class!
Spring Classes will be scheduled based on student availability. There will be multiple class meeting times to accommodate various levels and schedules. You will be issued an invoice upon completion of the registration form. For program questions call Rachel 509-936-0819