Carol Kowzan – Clarinet/Saxophone
Education Credentials:
EWU-BA in Education-Music Major, Clarinet Emphasis; Standard Washington State Teaching Certificate; Band Director in public schools, 20 years; Clarinet Specialist- Local High Schools, 15 years; Private Clarinet Instructor, 26 years; History of students who perform locally as award winning soloists and ensemble members in school bands and orchestras and in the Youth Symphony Program.

Performance History- Bᵇ, A, Eᵇ and Bass Clarinet, and Baritone Saxophone Spokane Schools All-City Band Program, 4 years; Rogers High School Band and Orchestra, 4 years; EWU Band, Orchestra and Small Ensembles, 4 years; Mid-Columbia Symphony Orchestra, 2 years; Richland Light Opera, 2 years; Spokane Falls Community Band, 20 years; Spokane Falls Orchestra, 5 years; Swing Bands, 10 years; Project Joy Orchestra, 7 years; Summer Chamber Orchestra, 10 years; Eagles Band, 10 years; Woodwind Quintet, 25 years; Clarinet Quartet, 10 years.

Philosophy of Education
To play clarinet well, students need to develop physical and mental strength that will enable them to develop good breath support, strong fingers, hands and arms, appropriate tone quality and articulation and skills; understand and improve skills in music theory, reading music notation and listening to self and others; and be willing to spend time outside of lessons to mature in these skills. Therefore, I am uniquely qualified to teach students, aged ten and older, to learn instruments in the Clarinet family and to perform solo literature and to audition for and play in a wide variety of musical groups, and to audition for music scholarships after high school. My students are prepared to use their musical skills for a lifetime of active participation in musical groups or as consumers of music produced by others.

Trumpet / French Horn

Brendan McMurphy – Trumpet
Brendan McMurphy graduated from Washington State University with a Master of Arts in Music with a Jazz emphasis and a Bachelor of Music in Trumpet performance, but requires no stunt double when it comes to his second instrument, the drums.  An intuitive and musically sensitive musician with persuasive rhythmic and harmonic concept, Brendan is well versed in both jazz and classical performance as well as many popular forms.

His composition “Somewhere, Someplace” was featured in the Fall 2009 edition of Jazziz magazine.  He also co-wrote the theme song and soundtrack music for “The Last Chapter”, an independent short film.

He has performed with the Washington Idaho Symphony, in addition to various Jazz big band & small group jazz combo settings throughout the Pacific Northwest. He is currently on faculty at Holy Names Music Center, where he runs “The Jazz Factory”  a weekly class teaching jazz performance skills to a small group of High School aged students.

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