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There are no HNMC School Recitals this year
Teachers may hold their own studio recitals as long as they follow community health guidelines as outlined on our COVID Plan.

Summer is here!
The Last Day of the 2020-2021 HNMC Instructional Year was June 21st.
Check with your teacher about summer lessons. Purchase lessons in advance to get our discounted rate! Summer Lesson Purchase Request Form

Paul Raymond MPTF Livestream Concert
Friday, July 30th 3pm
Streamed by AFM 105 Local Live from the McNally Recital Hall  http://www.afm105.org

HNMC Financial Aid Application Deadline for beginning Fall 2021-2022 Year
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021
More info & application: hnmc.org/scholarshipsfinancial-aid

3 Day HNMC Jazz Camp 
Thursday, Friday & Saturday August 5th, 6th & 7th   $100
10 am – 12 pm Beginning Improvisers. 1 pm – 3 pm Intermediate-Advanced.
Taught by Rachel Bade-McMurphy, Brendan McMurphy, and Lauren McKinley!

All instruments welcome!
Bring your instrument or voice to play rhythm games, vocal and instrumental Call and Response, sight reading, improvising and group performance, listening assignments, theory and spontaneous composition exercises.  

Students will learn songs by ear and via sheet music, and learn various skills to perform and solo in a jazz style. There will be many different classes throughout the day to accommodate different learning styles and to keep students engaged. No previous Jazz experience necessary. Auditions may be conducted to determine whether students would be best assisted by morning or afternoon sessions. Vocal musicians are welcome, but will be expected to act as part of the horn section, improvising and performing via scat syllables.  **Covid protocols. Students are expected to use bell covers and instrument masks as recommended by the CDC – and follow 6 ft spacing (or CDC recommended spacing at the time) limiting the number of performers to the room capacity – if possible some activities may be outside. Register here!

SYS Day Camp at HNMC by the Spokane Youth Symphony 
August 27th & 28th 9 am – 5 pm
Camp Fee $100. This camp is a great opportunity for Spokane Youth Strings & sinfonietta to brush up on their orchestra playing. Non SYS members who have played a stringed instrument (vioin, viola, cello, bass) for at least 2 years, are also welcome to participate. Registration Deadline August 15th!  More info & SYS Day Camp Registration link here!

First Day of the 2021-2022 Instructional Year
Tuesday, Sept 7th, 2021    2021-2022 Calendar & Rates Information
Make plans with your teacher & Register Now!   STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM
Get connected to a teacher to make plans for fall.   NEW STUDENT CONTACT