At Holy Names Music Center the faculty are comprised of a distinguished ensemble of nearly 40 professionals. A wealth of world-class scholars and performers define them; many have advanced degrees, conservatory education, and affiliations with key musical groups.

Faculty by Instrument:
Cello | ClarinetFiddle | Flute | Guitar | Percussion Piano | Piccolo | Saxophone Trumpet | TromboneViolin | Viola | Voice

Arranging: Stanton Cobbs
Songwriting: Stanton Cobbs
Digital Arts/Music Composition: Shawn Tolley
Digital Recording: Stanton Cobbs
Jazz Improvization: Brendan McMurphy
Early Childhood: Mary Ella VanVoorhisKay Heberling, SNJM; Margie Heller; Elizabeth Lund; Bee Reynolds;

Honors Chamber Music Group
Garnik Goukasian, Linda Siverts

Faculty Alphabetically
(* denotes current Spokane Symphony member):

Bottelli, Roberta*: Cello, Theory and Composition
Butler, Louise*: Cello
Campbell, Tim: Voice
Cobbs, Stanton: Guitar, Mandolin, Trombone, Ukulele, Arranging, Recording, Songwriting
Conable, Bill: Alexander Technique
Dimitrova, Mariana: Suzuki violin
Elms, Mikaela: Cello
Feng, Cai: Piano
Goukasian, Garnik: Violin, Honors Chamber Group Director
Heberling, SNJM, Kay: Piano
Heller, Margie: Violin, Viola, Fiddle, Suzuki Violin and Viola
Johnson, Heather: Flute and Piccolo
Keeble, Claire: Violin, Viola
Kenney, Abe: Guitar, Ukulele
Keno Pletscher, Betsy: Piano
Kleinmann, Johannes*:
Klingman, Nancy:
Lund, Elizabeth*: Violin, Suzuki Violin
McMurphy, Brendan: Trumpet, Percussion
Olsen, Andrea:
Voice, Young Voices Sing
Presley, Greg*:
Raymond, Paul*:
Reynolds, Bee:
Cello, Suzuki Cello
Shields, John Paul
Guitar, Arranging
Siverts, Linda:
Piano, Honor Chamber Group Director
Somekawa, Mina:
Tolley, Shawn: Digital Arts/Music Composition
VanVoorhis, Mary Ella: Voice
Xu, Duo*:
Young, April: Voice

Cello | ClarinetFiddle | Flute | Guitar | Percussion Piano | Piccolo | Saxophone Trumpet | TromboneViolinViola | Voice