Request for Financial Aid + Registration Form

Please complete the below form in it’s entirety and provide required proof of income documents to office. Incomplete applications will not be considered for financial aid.

First, read the following: Financial Aid: Principles, Guidelines, & Expectations
& HNMC Rates & Policies

The Annual Registration fee must be paid upon acceptance of financial aid, and prior to starting lessons.

Please fill out separately for each student applicant. **Additional family requests may refer question fields marked (+) to first applicant’s completed answers.

FINANCIAL AID is based on 30 min TUITION. The students will be enrolled in full time weekly instruction until the end of the instructional year, with a mid-year and end year review in Jan & Jun.
TUITION - School Year commitment. Monthly payments are due in advance on the 5th of each month. Subject to late fee after 15th. Failure to pay may result in cancellation of lessons with reinstatement only upon payment in full. No refund or credit for lessons missed by the student. Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up or credited (see Rates & Policies). (required)

Total Monthly 30 min Tuition Amount $129
Questions marked (+) are only required for first family member applicant. (**see NAME)
As part of the Financial Aid Principles Guidelines & Expectations, students agree to arrive on time and prepared for lessons (subject to teacher review), turn in a handwritten thank you note to the Scholarship Committee, and complete the basic service requirements.

Proof of Income. You must provide a copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax form (1040; 1040A; 1040EZ, first two pages only) and/or additional documents to show proof of income if you were not required to file taxes this last year.(required)

Make sure all (required) fields are completed before pressing Submit

Financial Aid: Principles, Guidelines, & Expectations
Rates (click here for explanation of Tuition and Variable payment options)
Photo Consent

Your form will be sent to our office upon pressing the ‘Submit’ button. Look out for an emailed confirmation of receipt within 1-2 business days.

SEND PROOF OF INCOME: Please white out all SSN & acct routing #’s on proof of income documents. Email to, Mail to Attn: Office Manager 3910 W. Custer Dr. Spokane, WA 99224, or drop through mail slot in HNMC office door. (First 2 pages only of simple tax return + explanation or proof of any additional sources of income not reflected on your tax return.)

Contact our office with any questions at (509) 326-9516, or