Holy Names Music Center is now offering Kindermusik Family Time classes!

All of our classes run on 10 week semesters. The fall semester starts the second week of September and runs through the week before Thanksgiving.
Please contact us for more information.

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Registration Form: Fall2014.FamilyTime.RegistrationForm

For ages 6 months-6 years everyone in the family is welcome!

Celebrating the Miracles of Music, Families, and Together Time For Kids from Birth – Age 7 and their Families

With older children ready to show the little ones how it’s done and the younger ones eager to learn, Family Time becomes a multi-layered learning environment.  The whole family can listen to instruments and to each other, learn and explore together, and enjoy music and movement with hoops, scarves and tumble-around play. Story time and family jams, puppet play and happy singing—all Family Time activities encourage discovery and exploration and foster sharing and social skills too. In this special class, your children will strengthen their ties with each other and with you.  It’s hard to find time for things you can all do together, but in Family Time, you’ll see how just how far music and together time can go.

What’s so fun about Family Time:

Singing. When a child sings in the appropriate vocal range, toddlers and preschoolers begin to explore their voices and emerging pitch accuracy—but the benefits go beyond building strong singers. Singing develops memory and recall, lung and cardiovascular strength, as well as creativity, and socialization. Simply hearing those voices also helps a baby develop her own vocal skills.

Playing. Musical instrument and prop-play throughout the semester builds strong finger muscles, and develops a sense of rhythm. Plus, hoops, scarves, and tumble-around activities develop coordination.

Moving. With growing coordination and interest in their peers, younger children will watch the older ones learn how to skip and gallop.

Listening. Throughout the class, the children are listening to instruments, to each other, and to specially designed opportunities to focus in on developing critical listening skills.

Story Time. When children listen to a story in a group, they watch the reactions of each other, helping to stimulate curiosity, expand knowledge, and develop a life-long love of reading.

Family Jam. Everyone grabs and instrument and plays along with the music—helping children experiment with a variety of instruments and sounds.

Cost: $150.00 for TEN weeks of lessons!

**Financial Aid/Scholarships are available! Contact us for more information!

CALL 509-326-9516
Registration Form: Fall2014.FamilyTime.RegistrationForm


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