The violin has played an extremely prominent role in all orchestral music. In fact, the violin section plays much of the melody in every piece of classical orchestra music you’re likely to hear. Violins are the highest-sounding of the string instruments. Because it is bowed and not played with air, violins can play long melodic phrases, and are also able to play really fast passages well. Violins are found in many different cultures and musical styles from around the world, so violinists are able to choose from a large variety of music. World renown violinist and conductor Joshua Bell said:” When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you’re telling a story.”  | VIOLA |


Dr. Mariana Dimitrova, Violin, Suzuki Violin
Garnik Goukasian,
Claire Keeble, Violin & Viola
Elizabeth Lund, Violin, Suzuki Violin
Pomeroy, Joey, Violin & Viola
Duo Xu, Violin


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