Policies and Procedures of Rental

Policies and Procedures of Rental for the McNally Recital Hall

I. Facility Use Guidelines as they relate to Music Center Programs

A. Instructional Programs of the Music Center have priority use of the facility.
B. Instructional events and activities, which involve the students of multiple faculties, shall have a higher priority use of the facility than those of a single faculty member.
C. Use of McNally Recital Hall shall be by written request and on a first request, first use basis.  Reservations will not be open to non-Music Center individuals or groups until after September 15th each year.
D. Exceptions to the post September 15th reservation requirement will be considered for music groups which will be utilizing the facility on an ongoing basis.
E. Cancellation of reservations will result in forfeiture of deposit.

II. Space / Facility Rental Policies and Procedures

Please review these Policies and Procedures carefully.  If there are any questions please call (509) 326-9516.

  • When requesting a reservation, please consider set-up and cleaning time in your rental request.  We sometimes schedule back-to-back events, especially during the popular May-June time period.
  • A non-refundable Reservation Deposit in the amount of $50.00 is due upon confirmation of rental date.  The Reservation Deposit will be applied toward the Hall Rental Fee or retained if the date is cancelled, regardless of the reason.  Your date is not confirmed until the deposit & signed contract are received by HNMC.
  • The balance of the Rental Fee is due in full two weeks prior to the first usage date (including rehearsals for recitals).  Failure to remit the Rental Fee within the time period will result in loss of the reservation and the non-refundable deposit.
  •  A Cleaning Deposit is also due in full two weeks prior to the first usage date.  All rentals are expected to be self-sufficient – the Music Center does not provide custodial services.  It is the responsibility of the person designated as the “Person Responsible for Rental” to ensure the cleanliness of the facility during and immediately following the use of the facility.  Please  use the Guidelines Checklist located on the Rental Agreement.  The Person Responsible for Rental must attend an orientation prior to use of the facility.  The Cleaning Deposit will be refunded when the Recital Hall is deemed by HNMC staff to have been left in satisfactory condition. (i.e. left clean)
  • The Key Deposit in the amount of $30.00 per set is due in full two weeks prior to first usage.  The key(s) shall be picked up no more than two business days prior to the first usage date and returned within 48 hours. The Key Deposit will be refunded if key is returned within 48 hours.
  • Please use a separate check for payment of the cleaning/key deposits and balance due on space rental.  This will expedite the refund of deposits upon review of the facility’s condition.  Make checks payable to “Holy Names Music Center” or HNMC.
  • Absolutely NO refreshments of any kind may be served in the Recital Hall!  Limited types of refreshments may be served in the foyer only.  Please do not serve items with staining properties such as coffee, tea, red or purple colored beverages or items containing frosting, chocolate, or candied fruits. A $75.00 cleaning deposit will be charged when simple refreshments are served.
  • The “Person Responsible for Rental” should contact the Music Center and set up an appointment for a facility orientation.  This is a relatively quick process that rarely takes more than 10 minutes to complete.  An orientation should be scheduled prior to, or at the same time as, the key is picked up. Orientations are not available on a drop-in basis or when the office is closed.

Upon acceptance of rental date, the renter will be sent an original and a copy of the rental agreement.  Please sign the original and return it with the Reservation Deposit. When those are received your rental is considered ‘confirmed’.  Please keep the copy for your records.  Upon completion of the event, please submit an event program to the office.  If office is closed, the “Mail Slot” in office door may be used.

III. Rental Fees — Recital Hall
Please consider set-up and cleaning time in your reservation request.  We may have another renter scheduled before or after your reserved time!

A. Outside Renter
• A minimum of $150.00 will be charged up to 3 hours and $50/hr. thereafter.

B. MTA Members
• $150.00 for the first 6 hours, then $20.00 per hour after.  A minimum of $75.00 up to 3 hours and $25/hr. thereafter.

C. Key and Cleaning Deposits

  • Key Deposit is $30.00 per key set, and is fully refunded if returned within 48 hours.
  • Cleaning Deposit is $75.00, and is fully refunded if facility reset to original condition.
  • A $75.00 cleaning deposit is charged if simple refreshments are served in the foyer.

D. Other Facility Use Fees

  • There is a $100 fee for tuning the piano prior to the rental and two weeks advanced notice must be given to the office to arrange for piano tuning, if desired.
  • Practice Rooms — 1 hour @ $5.00 or 1 hr/wk for 18 weeks (@ $90.00) or 1 hr/wk for 36 weeks ($180.00).
  • You must register in advance and use when The Music Center is open (up to 6:00 PM unless special arrangements for opening and closing the building have been made).
  • Studios are available for teaching only for Music Center Faculty. (Exceptions may be made by special permission by authorized Music Center Personnel.)
  • The copier is available @ $.08 per copy (white paper) when previous arrangements have been made and an account has been established.  The copier is only available during business office hours.

Make sure to fill out our Reservation Request Form