Group Suzuki

Empower Your Musical Journey with the Suzuki Method at Holy Names Music Center

Immerse your child in the world-renowned Suzuki Method—a unique music curriculum that echoes language learning techniques, sparking the innate ability of children to learn music. At Holy Names Music Center, we embrace this nurturing approach, characterized by parental involvement, loving encouragement, and habitual repetition.

We proudly provide Suzuki Method private lessons in piano, violin, and cello. Alongside their personalized training, students are welcome to our group Suzuki classes in violin and cello, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie, team learning, and friendly competition.

Stay updated with our Suzuki Group Classes. Reach out to your teacher for the complete list of yearly dates or check our schedule below for the next class.

Our classes are reasonably priced at $15 per student per session (in addition to regular tuition).

Dates for the 2023 – 2024 academic year are still to be announced

Meet our Suzuki Instructors:

Mariana Dimitrova-violin, Liz Lund-violin, Sr. Kay Heberling-piano, Bee Reynolds-cello, Christopher Rogers-guitar

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