Faculty by Instrument

Welcome to Holy Names Music Center’s Faculty A-Z page, your gateway to exploring our team of over 40 highly skilled music professionals. 

Each faculty member brings a rich educational and professional background, ranging from advanced degrees and conservatory education to affiliations with eminent musical groups. Here, we make it simple to search for your ideal music teacher by instrument. Whether you’re seeking a violin virtuoso, a piano master, or a drumming dynamo, our faculty page will guide you to an instructor who resonates with your musical ambitions. Discover the wealth of knowledge and talent that defines the Holy Names Music Center faculty, and embark on your unique musical journey today.

Bade-McMurphy, Rachel: Clarinet, Saxophone
Bottelli, Roberta*: Cello
Butler, Louise*: Cello
Cai, Feng: Piano 
Chen, Archie: Piano
Chen, Yi-chun: Piano
Cobbs, Stanton: Guitar, Mandolin, Trombone, Ukulele, Arranging, Recording, Songwriting
Conable, Bill: Cello, Alexander Technique
Conlin, Sr. Karen: Cello
Cotter, Dan*: Clarinet
Dicken, Cynthia: Voice
Dimitrova, Mariana: Suzuki Violin
Gouldson-Chen, Rhona: Piano
Goukasian, Garnik: Violin, Honors Chamber Music co-director
Gray, Riley: Piano
Hatcher, Fr. George (Rajiv): Guitar
Heberling, SNJM, Kay: Piano
Keeble, Claire
: Violin, Viola
Kenney, Abe: Guitar, Ukulele
Kleinmann, Johannes*: Cello
Klingman, Nancy: Voice
Loeffler, Emily: Piano
Lund, Elizabeth*: Violin, Suzuki Violin
McMurphy, Brendan: Trumpet, Percussion
Olsen, Andrea: Voice
Pearson, Ramona: Flute
Pomeroy, Joey: Violin, Viola

Raymond, Paul*: Percussion
Reynolds, Bee: Cello, Suzuki Cello
Rhodes, CarolPiano
Rogers, Christopher: Guitar
Schoeff, Bethany: Oboe
Siverts, Linda: Piano, Honors Chamber Music co-director
Somekawa, Mina: Piano
Tolley, Shawn: Digital Arts/Music Composition
VanVoorhis, Mary Ella: Voice
Wagstaff Metro, Malinda: Voice
Wang, Zeru: Piano
Xu, Duo*: Violin

*denotes current Spokane Symphony member