Be Like Bird “Fundamentals of Jazz Saxophone” Summer Group Class

Be like Bird
“Fundamentals of Jazz Saxophone” Group Class

An Intuitive approach to Jazz Fundamentals for Saxophonists from beginners – intermediate levels.  Developed and run by Rachel Bade-McMurphy
-Intuitive Approach
-Call and Response
-Jazz Rhythms
-Foundational Scales
-Intro to Triads & Chords
-Beginning Jazz/Blues Language
-Historical Lessons involving Charlie “Bird” Parker”

Summer program
-Classes meet 2x per week in Summer
-Recorded audio and video content to practice with at home
-Wrap up the experience by performing a recital and attending a Live Jazz Concert by professionals!

$255 (includes $15 non refundable registration fee)
add $30 for “The Real Easy Book” (required text)
unless you already own it

Next Session: Summer 2023
–Please register by July 1st to avoid delays in placement.
–Auditions and placements will occur by appointment
–You will be placed in a combo/class based on your experience/age level and your availability
–All registered students will watch a performance by your teachers and or/local or regional professional artists

July 10-Aug 18 Rehearsals and Classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays 

Baby Bird:  New Beginners with No prior experience
Level 1:  for students in their 1st or 2nd year of playing
Level 2:  2-3 years  or more years of saxophone experience
Level 3:  3 years or more years of saxophone experience
Adult: available based on interest

**Covid protocols – We will follow the recommendation of state and federal authorities as to whether masks and bell covers will be required.

REGISTER HERE: (we will contact you & confirm schedules & details before charging)

Our office will email confirmation of receipt within 1-2 business days.

For program questions call Rachel (509) 936-0819